Raccoon Garden Animal Statue

Raccoon Garden Animal Statue

Raccoon Garden Animal Statue; No doubt, our woodland animal is so realistically sculpted. That Bandit was a real raccoon.

Generally speaking, the Raccoon Garden Animal Statue gives a sense of adventure. In any event to any woodland forest themed garden with this raccoon hiding in a log.

To point out by using cast using crushed stone bonded with resin. Our lawn decoration is coated with a UV resistant finish.

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Our Acorn Hollow Collection furthermore, the animal bandit statue measures 7″ Wide x 10″ Depth x 7.5″ Height and weighs 2 lbs.

Raccoon Garden Animal Statue

Hand-painted to make them so real looking and looks like they will just pop out at you and run away.

Delight visitors to your garden, home or patio with our animal kingdom of both wild and local indoor or outdoor statues. These Toscano exclusives made creations are cast in quality designer resin and individually hand-painted to mimic their wild counterparts.

The Bunny Den Rabbits 

Raccoon Garden Animal Statue

They’re so adorable! – Our cute bunny statue set is sculpted with such detail. Identically, That you’ll want to give their little pink noses and fluffy tails a great big hug!

Of course, with these rabbits no need for an expensive rabbit hutch. Or as well as fresh hay or messy cleanup. Think about giving our set of three bunny rabbit statues for a gift such as educational animal gifts and fun garden art ornaments for kids.

The Bunny Den

High-quality animal sculptures – also, hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with durable designer resin. Therefore, our lawn ornament set of bunnies are coated with a UV resistant Multicolored finish.

Design Toscano garden decor – So real looking this set of three bunny rabbit statues will seemingly hop along your patio stepping stones. Also, through the back yard, and into their rabbit den.

Given that, our acorn hollow collection of three baby bunny decorations each measure approx. 3″ Wide x 4. 5″ Deep x 5″ high and only 1 lb.

In summary, the country’s premier source for historical replicas, we pride ourselves on attention to detail by traveling directly to the cause. Design Toscano offers specialty home and garden decorations, reproduction furniture and accessories, indoor and outdoor. And one-of-a-kind home and garden accents.

These adorable statues will make any space come to life. And make your garden a very unique and loving space for all ages. So what are you waiting for getting these lovely craters for your garden Today!