Elegant Jewelry Box for Women

Elegant Jewelry Box for Women! As well as big capacity: which is Double Layers including eight Necklace Hooks, twelve Ring Display Cases, eight Earring Stud & Ring Cases, five long Storage Slots, ten Watches Bracelet Slots, and one Big Storage Pouches.

Elegant Jewelry Box for Women

Therefore seven different Colors Jewelry Box Represent Different Meanings!

  • Black – Luxury
  • Green – Unique
  • Purple – Romantic
  • Deep Blue – Elegant
  • Pink – Sweet
  • Sky Blue – Pure
  • Rose Pink – Passion

Who know that colors were so elegant and had such meanings. Therefore, I’m sure you can pick one that suits your elegance!

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Elegant Jewelry Box for Women

However, These gorgeous jewelry boxes make a perfect sleek gift for Birthday, Christmas Day, Wedding day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving Day.

lock for box

How to Lock & Open Your Jewelry Case?

Therefore, when the lock-in Vertical Status its opened. When the Horizontal lock-in Status it’s locked. Conversion Lock and Open Status ( When it Opened )

Step 1: Therefore, Vertical Inset the key ( no need too deep ) Step 2: Then Rotating left or right 90 degrees, Step 3: Put Down the Lock Slot.

Jewelry Box for Women

Advanced Velvet Material with 8 Necklace Hooks

As a matter of fact, Our Jewelry hanger is made of Advanced Velvet Material, Organizer all your Necklaces in tidy. Also, no need to worry about pieces of jewelry will be scratched, No more missing and mess.

Jewelry Box for Women

Removable Compartments & Space Saver

Also, the detachable design provides more Space to Storage. While you Can Adjust the Slot Pattern to Met Your Daily Use in Earrings, Rings, Brackets, Necklaces, Watches.

Elegant Jewelry Box for Women

Double Layers & Package Includes

Double Layers with Divided Slots, as a result, keeps your pieces of jewelry in good situation. Also, charming Colors to Decorate Home.

Therefore, our jewelry box organizer for girls is Made of Environmental Friendly Soft Velvet, Which is Anti-Abrasive, Non-Deforming.

Perfect Gift For Any One!

travel box

The Dimension: are 10.3 inches x 10.3 inches x 3.2 inches.

Given these points, these elegant jewelry boxes are suitable for co-workers, bosses, teachers, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, or daughters.


In summary, these points are a great reason to order this beautiful, elegant jewelry box

  1. Such as Double Layers.
    2. Not to mention Advanced Velvet Material
    3. Because of the Exquisite & Durable Lock and Key
    4. Then the Charming Colors to Decorate Home
    5. Therefore theSpace Saver to Avoid Jewelry Mess
    6. Finally, the Big Capacity: Double Layers with eight necklace hooks, twelve ring cases, eight ear stud cards, five large storage pouches, and ten watches brackets slots.

At last, there you have it folks how can you go wrong with this beautiful, elegant jewelry box. However, perfect for any gift. By the way, what are you waiting for hop on this now and order today?